Automate Top-Performing Ad Campaigns with AI

Automate Top-Performing Ad Campaigns with AI

Stop spending countless hours creating mediocre ads for your Shopify store! Use AI to generate ads that drive 2x higher ROAS. Metric automates your entire media buying process, saving you both time and money while ensuring top-tier ad performance.

  • Sync & Sell: Effortless Shopify Integration

    Connect your Shopify store in a snap with our app. Simply log in, and we'll synchronize all your products and sales data automatically. Start creating and placing campaigns instantly to boost your profits without the hassle.

  • All-in-One Marketing Powerhouse

    Unify your digital marketing within our powerful platform where you can manage everything from one place. With integration capabilities for leading channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Google Ads, and Google Search, our platform is continually evolving. Stay tuned as we expand to embrace more channels, keeping you at the forefront of digital advertising innovation.

  • Smarter Ads with AI-Driven Creativity

    Leverage cutting-edge AI to elevate your ad campaigns. Our intelligent algorithms not only enhance your product photos but also generate optimized text variations and target audiences with precision. Experience ads that are not only eye-catching but incredibly effective.

  • Deep Dive Analytics: Track Everything

    Gain unparalleled insights with our comprehensive tracking tools. Analyze performance down to the finest detail—from individual products to overall campaigns. Filter by channel, discover top products, and identify your best audiences for unbeatable strategy refinement.

  • Scale with Intelligence: AI-Powered Campaigns

    Unlock the true potential of your marketing efforts. Our AI tools can generate countless ad variations, testing and optimizing for the best performance. With AI on your side, scale your campaigns to new heights effortlessly.

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logo for Bedd.no


BEDD offers a distinctive Norwegian-designed system for constructing durable and stylish steel planters. Whether it's mobile planters with wheels, custom screens for terraces, or open garden frames, BEDD's self-watering solutions cater to both indoor and outdoor gardening needs, crafted for simplicity and longevity.
logo for Aarja Health

Aarja Health

Aarja Health offers a range of high-quality, highly absorbable vitamins and minerals enriched with Nordic antioxidants. Committed to providing clean, safe, and effective supplements, they help thousands achieve better joint health, more energy, improved sleep, and an enhanced quality of life.
logo for Elm Organics

Elm Organics

Elm Organics specializes in eco-friendly organic skincare and haircare products, emphasizing sustainability with a "Refill - Reuse - Recycle" philosophy. Their product range is designed to nurture body, mind, and soul, ensuring a comprehensive wellness experience with every use.
logo for Tropicos


Tropicos Beauty is a premium beauty retailer offering expert consultations and a range of high-end skincare, makeup, and spa services. They provide fast delivery and in-store pickup options.
logo for Rotation


Rotation AS, founded in 2022, is a premier retailer of top brands like Nike, Hoka, and Adidas, emphasizing fast delivery, easy returns, and authentic products for a quality sneaker shopping experience.